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  • Image of Design Your Own Baby Blanket
  • Image of Design Your Own Baby Blanket
  • Image of Design Your Own Baby Blanket

Design Your Own Baby Blanket


Guarantee that your baby's blanket will be 100% unique and hand-picked by you. Or, give an extremely thoughtful baby shower gift to any expectant mother. Designing your own items ensures that no other baby will have a blanket just the same as yours. You're in charge of designing your own baby blanket!

Once you purchase your custom baby blanket, we will work together to find a print that is perfect for you! Here's what you need to decide:

Blanket size (all sizes are approximate)
Lovey/Security 17" x 17"
Crib Blanket 30" x 40"
Toddler Blanket 36" x 52"
Adult Throw 50" x 65"

Theme/Print (you can choose from examples shown in the listing or we can work together to find exactly what you're looking for. There are an endless supply of possibilities!)

Minky Type and Color For Backing:

Traditional Dimple Dot (leave a comment at checkout with color preference)

Or choose from the upgraded cuddle minky's shown in the photo
1. Faux Deer Hide
2. Cuddle Luxe Minky Charcoal
3. Cuddle Luxe Minky Pink
4. Cuddle Luxe Minky Natural
5. Sherpa White
6. Sherpa Grey
7. Llama Cream
8. Llama Pink
9. Llama White

Some of the more popular prints are shown in the photos, but don't feel like those are your only options. There are literally hundreds of options to choose from! Not only will you choose the print for the top fabric, but you will also choose what kind of fabric you want for the back of your blanket. You can choose from a traditional dimple dot minky or you can choose from a selection of more unique faux fur backings. Faux deer hide, llama fur, and sherpa are among the options.